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"Maria has been my fitness trainer for almost 2 months now.  In this short time I already feel stronger physically and emotionally. Maria is amazing, she is encouraging & motivating when I feel I have no more to give and she pushes me beyond what I think I am capable of.  As well, she’s patient when my body & mind are not cooperating.  She is present and supportive every minute of the workout - I’m grateful for her expertise, and to walk beside me for my health & fitness goals.  She is also inspiring as I appreciate that she walks her talk & lives by example; her health & fitness are exemplary.  Many thanks girl! "

Pauline H.

"Amazing person!! Knows exactly what is required during a workout session, would highly recommend."

Lakesh R.

"I connected with Maria in April with a goal of losing some weight and getting back in shape. The pandemic hit me pretty hard not being able to do much and I needed a change from my stale routine. We talked about what my goals were and after 3 short months, we achieved them and enjoyed getting there. Maria makes the workouts 'fun' while hitting and exceeding targets. She is strict with the training which makes the efforts worthwhile. Since I have achieved my goals, we made some new goals-some were her's and some were mine. I look forward to the continued work."

Mike W.

"Normally working out can be so intimidating, but Maria gives me the confidence and support that I need. She helps me with my form and even modifies my workout to suit my body and abilities. She really encourages me to challenge myself and now I am doing more than I thought I was capable of. Maria's strength is that she creates a workout program that is challenging and that meets my skill level. I can trust that if she asks me to do something then I am capable of doing it. Not only have I gained muscle over the past year of training with her but I have also gained stamina. I have even discovered that I love to box and I look forward to working toward my goals in the future. If you are looking for a personal trainer that is knowledgeable, confident, a great motivator and is doing this to really help people, then the only trainer you want is Maria."

Diana D.

"I began working with Maria after I started having back and shoulder pain from years of swimming and other sport-related injuries. Not only am I now pain-free, I have gained both confidence and strength, feel more like myself again, and look forward to continue making positive changes with Maria's guidance. If you are looking to really change your lifestyle for the better, Maria has all the training and nutritional knowledge you need to reach your goals!

Eva F. 


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